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Call (970) 658-0410 for FREE assessment of your rental property.

Call (970) 658-0410 for FREE assessment of your rental property.

  • Communication

    We make every effort to effectively communicate and reduce all surprises.

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  • Marketing & Advertising

    Each day your property sits vacant, you are losing money out of your pocket.

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  • Tenant Screening

    Selecting the wrong tenant can quickly cost you more than what you save by not hiring a professional.

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  • Leasing

    Ours leasing agents manage the lease signing process and ensure that all proper contracts are executed correctly.

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  • Rent Collection

    Ensure your cash flow is not impacted by late rental payments.

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  • Maintenance

    Your bottom line can be significantly impacted without proactive and reactive, cost-effective maintenance.

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  • Property Reviews

    Property reviews of your investment, both inside and out, are extremely beneficial to your investment's longevity.

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  • Eviction

    Even when all screening steps are carefully executed, occasionally a tenant needs to be evicted.

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  • Accounting

    Our goal is simple - to maximize your income and minimize your expenses.

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    Property Management Services

    Real Property Management Fort Collins Loveland’s professional service includes frequent communication, industry-best marketing, comprehensive tenant screening, full-service leasing, strict rent collection, regular property reviews, cost-effective maintenance, eviction protection, and detailed accounting.

    Frequent Communication

    Real Property Management Fort Collins Loveland strives to keep you informed about your property.  Your personalized and secure online account allows our team to keep you updated regarding leases, maintenance, property reviews and financial reports.  Whether you live five miles or 500 miles from your property, you gain a clear and beneficial view of your property from the convenience of your computer.

    In addition to your online account, our highly-trained staff is here to answer your questions and work with you to get the best return on your investment.

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    Comprehensive Marketing

    We strive to reduce and erase vacant days.  Many of our staff members are investors as well and understand the cost of each vacant day.  Our marketing plan’s top goal is to secure a qualified tenant as quickly as possible.  We spend thousands of dollars each month to advertise and fill our vacancies – fast.  Your property is syndicated to high-traffic websites, which allows us to gain a large pool of prospective tenants.  However, marketing in itself is not enough.  Our experienced leasing staff responds very quickly to all interest that our marketing generates, ensuring your home is occupied at the earliest date.

    During our initial property viewing, our experts also advise you in two important areas before marketing begins:

    1. Determining a competitive monthly rental rate based on a comprehensive analysis of property condition, upgrades, school districts, location and area rental market rates.
    2. Getting your home ready to rent faster, to a high quality tenant, by providing recommendations and guidance on how to make your property rent-ready. Learn how to get your home rent-ready. ›

    Rigorous Tenant Screening & Selection

    Selecting the wrong tenant for your property can quickly cost you more than what you save by self-managing your property.  Every tenant application we receive is evaluated based on credit, criminal, and eviction records.  Then we verify employment, call references and review past rental history.  Our screening and selection process complies with all applicable laws, including Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    Once we have secured a qualified tenant, we expedite the lease signing process and move-in assessments.

    Lease Management

    Our leasing agents manage the lease signing with the selected tenant, using our professionally  prepared lease, and ensures that all contracts are executed correctly.  All contracts and leases are vetted by local lawyers to ensure compliance.  Once the lease is in place, we collect rents, deposits, and any other fees in accordance with regulations.  The entire process allows tenants to feel important and appreciated.

    Finally, our leasing staff performs a walk-through with the selected tenant to document the property’s condition.  This critical step assists in accurately depicting any changes that take place while the tenant resides in the property.

    Timely Rent Collection

    Missing or late payments have a severe impact on cash flow.  When we sign lease with tenants, we make it clear of when rent is due and when it is late.  Our collection process is professional but strict, and we remain diligent in collecting rent in a timely process.  We offer multiple rent payment options, including online payments.

    Due to the variety of ways tenants can pay rent, it ensures that you get your rental proceeds as quickly as possible.  We strive to treat each tenant with utmost respect and fairness since a positive relationship with a tenant often leads to timely rent payments as well as better treatment of your property.

    Regular Property Reviews

    Professional property reviews of your property, both inside and out, are beneficial to ensure tenants are complying with the terms of their lease.  In addition, we offer a quarterly HVAC filter change, which benefits both you and the tenant.

    Real Property Management Fort Collins Loveland conducts move-in, periodic, and move-out reviews. We use photos and documentation from those reviews to assist in determining maintenance needs, lease violations, and excess wear and tear.

    Cost-Effective Maintenance

    Maintenance is a necessary expense in owning an investment property, and the return on your investment can be significantly impacted without timely, cost-effective repairs. When handled by us and our preferred vendors, you’ll save time and money and ensure repairs are completed in a professional manner, by trustworthy maintenance personnel.

    Real Property Management Fort Collins Loveland  has an extensive network of vendors and in-house staff to handle property maintenance and repair work.  In addition, our exclusive partnerships with national and local vendors provide the professional level of service to our clients and customers that has come to be expected.

    Strict and Compliant Evictions

    Even when each step is followed in our rigorous tenant screening process, on occasion a tenant may need to be evicted.  Due to this, our staff is knowledgable of local landlord and tenant laws.  We also have a team of vendors that can quickly carry out an eviction if needed.  So, if a tenant doesn’t choose to pay rent or choose to violate the terms of a lease, we initiate the legal steps to resolve the issue.

    In the fastest possible time frame, we remove the tenant, minimize the cost and get the property leased again.  Ask us about eviction protection. For property owners who opt for this plan, we will pay for the eviction, should it become necessary.

    Detailed Accounting

    We enjoy maximizing your income and minimizing your expenses.  We use a centralized accounting system to track your income and expenses.  This all-inclusive system, backed with statements and documentation, is run by a very knowledgable staff and keeps all of your property management financials in one place.

    Real Property Management Fort Collins Loveland provides each property owner client a password protected online account for easy access to financial reports any time you need.

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