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Call (970) 658-0410 for FREE assessment of your rental property.

Call (970) 658-0410 for FREE assessment of your rental property.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Both those who have used a property manager before and those who have not, quickly learn the value of hiring Real Property Management of the Rockies. Here’s why.

Protect your Property

Hiring a property manager is more than having someone look over your investment.  At Real Property Management of the Rockies, our goal is to protect your investment and maximize your profits.  We use real-time market data to determine the highest monthly rent for your property.  We provide professional advice regarding improvements that can garner higher rents and attract prospective tenants who will care for your investment.  Once a tenant is placed, our staff is conducting assessments and property reviews to ensure your property is being cared for.

Also, we always strive to save our owners time and money with cost-effective maintenance through our systems and use of preferred vendors.  Our staff understands the importance of proactive management and responding to tenants requests in a timely manner, all with your best intentions in mind.

Your home’s value is important to us.  We understand the importance of your rental value and long-term property appreciation.

Reducing Vacancies and Great Tenants

At Real Property Management of the Rockies, we understand the importance of reducing vacancies.  For a $1200 per month property, every day of vacancy costs our owners $40 per day.  That is why we spend thousands of dollars every month advertising vacancies to get them filled—faster.  In return, we typically garner a very large pool of prospective tenants.  Then, we thoroughly screen those prospects to ensure we find a reliable tenant will will pay rent on time and treat your home like it is theirs.  The cost of placing the wrong tenant into your investment can cost you.  Due to our rigorous processes, we use a systematic business approach in placing the most qualified tenant in a timely manner.

If collections or evictions are necessary, we have a streamlined, automated system ensures that the process is completed as quickly as possible.  Due to this process, we are following all laws and codes and no step is missed.

The Real Property Management Advantage

  • 50+ Years of Combined Real Estate Experience
  • North America’s Largest
    Property Management Company
  • Northern Colorado’s Leader
    in Property Management
  • 300+ Locations across 47+ States
  • Local Expertise
    Backed by Nationwide Support
  • Trusted by Tens of Thousands
    of Property Owners Nationwide